"let me introduce you to my best friend" I can’t believe that my best friend, my PIC, my Lola:), my Ashleynne, the Ching-Choyng to my Pandah is 21 today. I’ve been friends with this girl since I was FIVE. She’s been brave enough to call me her friend ever since. Jesus was way too good to me when He gave me this girl as a BFF and I’m so thankful that He was. Tennesee. Kroger. We could turn a trip to anywhere into an adventure and the reason I’m still alive after all of them? Because of Jessie. I couldn’t be any hackin proud er of the strong, beautiful and amazing woman of God that she has grown into. My best friend is cooler than yours. Happy TWENTYFREAKINGFIRSTBirthday Essbeeayy!!!!!!!!!
Wo ai ni to the galaxy and back. Wo ai ni, Ching-Choyng. <2+1